Count on GMC+A to provide comprehensive support no matter where your vision leads you. We’ll safeguard your team throughout the installation process by providing content, illustrations, charette support, design or experience evaluations, We also develop educational materials, audio tours and other interactive elements to enhance your exhibit. When everything is ready, our tour management and facilitation support can prevent costly and time-consuming hang-ups and help you run your exhibit smoothly. 

GMC+A is more than just a design firm or a content development shop. We have proven abilities at every stage of the exhibit’s life cycle. From conceptualization to installation, our capabilities include:

  • effects 
  • interactive development
  • experiential design
  • fabrication oversight 
  • educational support
  • guest experience 
  • project management
  • curation 
  • direction 
  • concept development
  • research 
  • writing 
  • topic testing
  • media


We pride ourselves in shepherding projects from beginning to end, but we also do diligent work as collaborators or specialists within larger teams in any of these areas.