Using the extensive years of experience from the finest minds in museum exhibit development and theatrical design fields, GMC+A looks at each project uniquely gathering the right talent for the right jobs. GMC+A engages the unique mix of content experts, storytellers, educators, facilitators and designers to spark the best possible ways to engage the guests emotionally and physically.  Associates include: Content Experts, Content Developers, Education, Project Management, Theatrical Designers, Experience Designers, Exhibit Writers, Playwrights, Artists, Theatrical Directors, Architects, Lighting designers, Composer/Sound Designers, Fabricators...

GMC+A provides full service in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of traveling museum exhibitions, cultural projects, and corporate collections. GMC+A brings traveling art and cultural exhibitions of any scale to international viability and success. The staff is committed to initiating and promoting international cultural and intellectual exchange by bringing high-quality traveling exhibitions of art, science, and history to a broad and diverse audience.


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Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates, LLC

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The American Plan

Roadworks Productions

photo: M. Palmer