Using the extensive years of experience from the finest minds in museum exhibit development and theatrical design fields, GMC+A looks at each project uniquely gathering the right talent for the right jobs. GMC+A engages the unique mix of content experts, storytellers, educators, facilitators and designers to spark the best possible ways to engage the guests emotionally and physically.  Associates include: Content Experts, Content Developers, Education, Project Management, Theatrical Designers, Experience Designers, Exhibit Writers, Playwrights, Artists, Theatrical Directors, Architects, Lighting designers, Composer/Sound Designers, Fabricators...

In collaboration with Exhibits Development Group, GMC+A and EDG provide full services in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of traveling museum exhibitions, cultural projects, and corporate collections. GMC+A and EDG bring traveling art and cultural exhibitions of any scale to international viability and success. The staff is committed to initiating and promoting international cultural and intellectual exchange by bringing high-quality traveling exhibitions of art, science, and history to a broad and diverse audience.


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Geoffrey M. Curley + Associates, LLC

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The American Plan

Roadworks Productions

photo: M. Palmer